Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Don't Drive Naked

Don’t Drive Naked!
Get Car Insurance in Edmonds WA with Mid-Columbia Insurance

Afraid of getting pulled over in Edmonds WA? Car insurance is important. Not only will it keep you from getting a no-insurance ticket, if you have an accident it can protect you from liability and pay medical bills and car repair costs.

Car insurance can be expensive, so you may ask yourself if you really need it. Washington state law does require you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance for a reason. And, believe it or not, it is not to make insurance companies rich. But is insurance really necessary?

Try to imagine a world without auto insurance. Every time you went for a drive, you would be risking your bank account and your future earnings. Insurance is designed to help protect you from expensive and sometimes devastating surprises including legal costs if you are taken to court because of an accident.

The average cost of vehicle insurance in Edmonds WA is not that much when you compare it to what the insurance company may have to pay out if you make one minor mistake. The value of good insurance is only revealed when you need it most. 

You Don’t Need Insurance… Until You Do.

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