Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Dairyland Auto Insurance Near Yakima WA

High-Risk Auto Insurance Specialists

Dairyland Auto Insurance was founded to say yes to drivers when other companies say no. Mid-Columbia Insurance is your authorized Dairyland Insurance agency for Yakima, Washington. Whether you just got your driver’s license, are a high-risk driver, have collected a few tickets, or are just looking to save some money by switching insurance companies, Dairyland can provide the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Dairyland caters to the needs of drivers with a less-than-perfect record by offering flexible payment options, broadform insurance, non-owner car insurance, and SR-22 insurance. And if you want more than cheap, minimum coverage, Dairyland has options that won’t break the bank—even if you’re considered high-risk because you have multiple tickets, no current insurance, not-so-perfect credit, a foreign license or even no license, or you are a young driver.

Mid-Columbia Insurance: Your Yakima WA Dairyland Auto Insurance Agent

Are you searching for the cheapest car insurance in Yakima? Call Mid-Columbia Insurance at (509)783-5600  to speak to a friendly licensed insurance agent to get the information you need and start your quote for affordable auto insurance today.

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