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How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost in Kent WA
How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost in Kent WA
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How Much Does SR22 Insurance Cost in Kent WA

The SR-22 cost in Kent WA usually only adds about $25 to the 6-month premium of an auto insurance policy. So an SR-22 should cost less than $5 per month with most insurance companies. This extra premium is really just a service charge for handling notifications to the Department of Licensing verifying that you have insurance and notifying them if it cancels.

It is the violation(s) that resulted in you needing an SR-22 that will impact your car insurance premium. In short, it’s your driving record — not the SR-22 — that will raise your rates. If you happen not to have any tickets or accidents in the last 3 years, then the SR-22 won’t cost you much.

SR-22 insurance is actually cheap. It’s your driving record that is expensive. For example, SR-22 insurance for a 30-year-old male with a DUI can range from about $84 per month in the Seattle metro area to $44 per month in rural Eastern Washington.

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