Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
The General SR-22 in Sunnyside WA

The General Says “Yes” When Others Say “No.”

Although many insurance companies don’t want to cover drivers requiring an SR-22 in Sunnyside WA, Mid-Columbia Insurance helps high-risk drivers find dependable, cheap SR‑22 insurance by partnering with insurance companies like The General. Even if you weren’t previously considered a high-risk driver, needing an SR-22 will make you one for as long as you need the filing.

The General SR-22 can be included when you purchase your insurance so you can get back behind the wheel. Just let us know you need an SR-22 filing when you request your quote.

You can count on The General to take care of your SR-22 auto insurance filing for you. In Washington state, The General can even file the SR-22 form with the DOL electronically.

The General offers discounts even if you have had serious driving violations and can help you get insurance so that you can get back on the road legally. The company is able to offer car insurance for drivers who have a history of driving violations or accidents, have not kept their insurance active, or have less than perfect credit and also offers low payment options.

Mid-Columbia Insurance: The General SR-22 Insurance Specialists in Sunnyside WA 

Call Mid-Columbia Insurance today at (509)783-5600 to speak to a friendly licensed insurance agent and get a quote for The General SR-22 in Sunnyside WA.

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