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Broadform Insurance

What Is Broadform Insurance?

Broadform insurance, also known as driver’s license insurance, covers you to drive practically any kind of personal use auto instead of insuring particular autos. Broadform Named Operator Insurance is the formal name for what people call driver’s license insurance.

Broadform Insurance provides coverage for driving any type of private passenger car or pickup, owned by you or borrowed, for non-business use. For example, you would have insurance coverage if you are driving your car or if you are borrowing a friend’s car but not if you were driving a motorhome or motorcycle or working an Uber or Doordash type of gig.

Broadform Insurance in Washington State

Auto insurance coverage is needed if you drive an auto in Washington state. The owner of the vehicle either needs to have insurance coverage on the rig, or you can insure yourself to drive owned and non-owned cars by getting a broadform policy.

Avoid unnecessary tickets for driving without insurance. In Washington state, driving without insurance coverage can get you a substantial fine of $550. Don’t do it! Quit driving without insurance today.

Low-Cost Broadform Car Insurance

Broadform car insurance with just the minimum liability coverage required by Washington state is very affordable. This would pay the medical bills for the people in the other car if they were injured in a crash caused while you were driving as well as any property damage you cause up to the limits of your policy.

The cost of your insurance is determined by your age, driving background, city of residence, credit history, and other elements that affect your rates, such as previous insurance history, driving behavior, payment method chosen, and also home ownership.

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