Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

There are two ways to put insurance on your license in Walla Walla WA, Non-Owner Insurance and Broadform Insurance. They are similar yet quite different.

Non-Owner Insurance on License

A non-owner policy does not cover any car owned or rented by you and also does not cover any car owned by household member or available for you to use whenever you want. This policy is extremely limited in when it covers, which is why we recommend a broadform policy over a non-owner policy.

Broadform Insurance on License

A broadform policy covers you while you drive owned or non-owned cars regardless of whether they are availalbe for your regular use. Broadform Insurance on your license is also a great option for drivers who switch cars often and don’t want to call every time they get a new rig. So, whether you own a lot of cars, a single car, or none at all, you can get insurance on your license and drive insured!

SR-22 Insurance on License

SR-22 insurance on your license is available by adding an SR-22 filing to either the Non-Owner or Broadform policy. This is a great way to satisfy the SR-22 requirement when you do not own a vehicle or you own many vehicles.

Mid-Columbia Insurance: Your License Insurance Specialists in Walla Walla WA 

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